Full disclosure- no nursery school this week.  Which is to say, I am attempting this over the din of a video which is babysitting James for the next 52 minutes.  Thank you “Is Your Mama a Llama and Other Stories about Growing Up”.  So James and I will be constant companions until Monday.  Which is mostly sweet.  Just don’t expect a whole lot from me this week.  And DO expect to hear the name JAMES  a lot.

I am on my third male toddler here, but somehow the first who is seriously into dinosaurs–obsessed like only little people can be.  He has been imploring me to take him to the “nooseeum” (museum) to see the dinosaur bones.  Randomly lamenting how “no one takes me dare. . .”  No one takes him A LOT of places.  I’m kinda over Mommy & Me classes eleven and a half years in. Heck, I’m kind of even over the park.  But I’m definitely NOT over the chance to spend the day with a wide-eyed little guy accompanying him on one of his firsts.

Friday was our big date.

Fueling up across the street from the Museum of Natural History at Shake Shack.

Having spent the last few years toying with veganism/vegetarianism/at the very least aiming for whole foods as much of the time as possible, (except all those cookies, of course), this snapped me out of all THAT:

Behold: a thing of beauty.

I’ve pretty much been on a bender since.

In the main entrance atrium, James's first up close and personal. "Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd!", he ran around shouting. I'm thinking I need to encourage OTHER exclamations of awe.

It was pretty much a perfect day.  Even the loud altercation we had in one of the large echo-y halls on the fourth floor.  Is it an altercation if only ONE person is shouting?  That would be JAMES yelling at ME  as I explained (once again) that Dinosaurs are EXTINCT which means NO LONGER ALIVE ANYPLACE.  Which is why I can’t take him to the Jungle to see the real ones.  Agreeing to disagree didn’t cut it.  To make peace, in the moment, I did what any reasonable parent would do:  Agreed that maybe he was right and I was wrong (with a straight face, no less).

It was 63 degrees outside and the sidewalks were soaked with melted ice and snow.  I could practically hear the crocus pushing through the crusty frozen dirt. We even took our jackets off in the afternoon.  It comes in the nick of time every year, doesn’t it??   One of those spring teaser days that make you feel like everything is going to be alright after all.

2 thoughts on “Dinowhore

  1. Your writing, your voice and your “youness” are spring flower tips to me baby! LOVE the way you see your world, the way the words flow. YES! XO d

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