Thomas, age 4, tree pose. photo Jodi Komiter

So there I am, trying to find something to occupy James (that makes me feel a little less guilty than all that tv he’s been watching) while I’m working, and I rediscover something I used to LOVE to do with my boys years and years ago.  I found an old kids yoga dvd I had used with Thomas and Ben up on a high dusty shelf and put it on for James.  In one way, this appeared to back-fire because of course he wouldn’t just DO YOGA with the teacher on the video.  NOOOOOOOOO. . . he wanted me to do it with him.  This was a little frustrating.  But once I just gave in and got down on the floor with him, it brought me right back to some of my favorite times with Thomas and Ben (now 11 1/2 and nearly 9) when they were sweet wee ones. Don’t get me wrong, they are still awfully sweet in their own ways, but let’s put it this way-  I started my day today with an all-out tag team wrestlemania session where they took turns trying to take me down, all before 7 am.  Interests change.  As do lives, sometimes without us even realizing it.

I started doing Yoga with Thomas when he was an infant, which meant that I was doing yoga while he was lying on my mat wiggling and watching, nursing while I om-ed, or resting on my hip while I was in warrior pose.  We continued this way until he could crawl and then it was clearly time to get him on his own mat.  Enter Jodi Komiter, one charismatic juicy living gal with a vision to spread yoga and love through her Next Generation Yoga venture.  When I walked into her Upper West Side studio with its rainbow streamers and twirling crystals I knew we had found a home.  It was a love affair for a few years there.  Jodi moved to the West Coast around the same time we moved from the city and the picture above was taken on our last day with Jodi before we all moved onto our next thing.

From what I can tell from her website, Jodi is still teaching and training teachers and working with families and children and spreading her light wherever she goes.  From what I can tell by looking in the mirror (I mean this both literally and figuratively, friends), I have strayed further than I want to admit from my more connected, more idealistic, parenting of my younger mothering days.  This morning I ordered her yoga dvd and a lavender filled monkey eye pillow for my monkey.  Here’s to getting some of that back.


3 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. I ordered the DVD too, a few months back, even though we have a wonderful yoga teacher in Boston, I love hearing Jodi’s voice and watching her interact with kids…it brings me back too to those overwhelming but very sweet NYC days with toddlers. XXX

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