Vida la 80’s

Am I the only one who loves me a little Roachford “Cuddly Toy”?  Oh, I get it, you like to keep that dirty little secret  to yourself.  Stay in the closet, if you will.  Far be it for me to out someone when it comes to 80’s music.  It was a tough time, I know.  All those synthesizers and big hair and acid washed high waisted jeans.  We would all like to pretend it never happened.  There were some gems to come out of that time, though.  Maybe it’s my *fortieth* birthday coming up, (shhhh. . . don’t say that too loud), but I’ve been getting a tad nostalgic.

Check out Roachford getting down with his own bad self.  You’ve just got to respect a guy who wears full body denim.  While you’re in denial, I’ll be blasting Cuddly Toy (with the shades drawn) during one of our now nightly dance parties sharing the brilliance of Roachford with a new generation.  I bet you forgot how much you love this song.

Some 80’s GOLD from me to you.  You’re welcome. Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “Vida la 80’s

    • That. Is. So. Wrong.
      For two reasons. One, that I did indeed wear both of those items. Two, that you remember them and I didn’t until you reminded me. Pedal pusher parachute pants were IN, Alix.
      And with ALL these people watching you gave me up. All four of us. Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Jmacattack!

  1. E- if only you could have seen my mint green pants and button down matching mint short sleeved shirt with my gold link low slung belt! What’s remarkable about this video and song is how ungangsta it is . Kinda miss those earnest, side to side dance moves too. Great stuff- rock on!

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