Why yes, I’d lovesome.

You may have noticed I’m doing a little redecorating.  I’ve even changed my name.  Goodbye Sweet Pea, hello, Lovesome.

You see that blurry text? Exhibit A in my tragic limitations in Photoshop at the moment. Just don't have it in me today to figure out how to get that right.*sigh* And it looked so nice when I was doing it. I'll come back and fix it when I have a few hours. Which may be never. You can forgive some blurry text, right?

Working on a logo, too.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  Did I mention that I am self-taught when it comes to all this?  That’s not meant as a brag, because my abilities at this point are nothing to brag about.  Mostly I spend hours until I figure it out, or I call upon my web savvy friend, Alix, and beg her to help me, or (see above) I give up.

Hope you like the new digs.  I so appreciate the time you spend here.  I want it to look nice for you.  And a humble thank you for the kind and generous feedback I have gotten so far from some of you.

(original photo above found here)

And one more thing:

I started writing out my list, planning on sharing it here, only Ben’s was so much better.

Again, with the blurry text. Photoshop is kicking my a$$ today.

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