Root beer Float Cupcakes

Someone notify the committee:  I officially clinched my bid for Mother of the Year with these:


Rootbeer float cupcakes. That's right, you heard me.

So really, in case you don’t know I’m joking, I was already disqualified for Mother of the Year way back in January.  I don’t think I made it beyond 1:00pm on New Years Day.  Yelling or being annoyed or feeding my kids crackers for breakfast or something like that.  When Ben was already carrying on at 6:20 am this morning, concerned that the cupcakes were too small, I’m wondering if the committee heard me when I turned to my husband and said, If he doesn’t stop, I swear I’m gonna throw the cupcakes across the room, and disqualified me for life.  I had been up until one o’clock in the morning cleaning the kitchen after icing these babies, after all.  Surely they take such things into consideration?  And that three-year-old James came ambling into the kitchen rubbing his eyes, looking for a drink of water around that time, squelching any hope of me getting to bed before two?  (Remember I told you how much sleep I said I need to be fully functional back here?)


My boys being initiated into the world of root beer floats back in August. They kept looking at me, agog, bewildered that they hadn't known about such sweet foamy goodness.

Seriously, though.  Make these cupcakes.  Find the recipe here.  There is another version here, though I can’t vouch for it and she got a little fancy with the ice cream scoop and piping the icing just so.  I’m more of a slap-the-icing-on-top-and-go-to bed kinda baker myself.

Ben’s actual birthday was merely the season opener.  Today is the day he brings cupcakes into school and in about a week I’ll be throwing together his “friend birthday party”.

The party just never ends around here.

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