What the Krump is going on here?

I’m thinking you probably don’t watch America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) on MTV.  But I do.  Me and MTV go way back.  I’m not exactly their demographic, but I’ve been with MTV since the very first day. Seriously.  The first day.  I remember standing in my family room watching the space shuttle launching video they played on rotation every, like, fifteen minutes.  The Video Killed the Radio Star video that looked like it was made for $100 with a hand-held camera?  I had the same feeling that day that I had the first time my dad took me and my brother to see the first Star Wars movie:  that I was seeing something epic.  Same goes for the clip I’m bringing to you today.

Like I said, you may not watch Randy Jackson’s ABDC, but maybe you do.  It seems kind of random, maybe?  One day The Hours, another day, Krumping.  But this my blog, I get to be random, talk about all the things that make my joy bubble to the surface.  Because that is really what Lovesome is about for me.  Keeping myself in the joy game.  Sometimes I stray.  I have my days.  But when I see something and I get chills, I know I’ve got to share it.

A little background:  This sixth season of the show is “Season of the Superstars”.  The crew in the video is Street Kingdom, a co-ed, Los Angeles krumping crew.  Their “captain”, Tight-eyez, is credited with being the originator of krumping, so it’s kind of huge that he’s on the show.

I don’t know what I believe about God these days, but I know the spirit moving through the body when I see it.

I wish the video quality was better for you, but this was the best one I found.

Hope you enjoy (and try not to trip and fall in host Mario Lopez’s dimples):

*To see all the crews, go here.*

*To learn more about krumping, go here*

5 thoughts on “What the Krump is going on here?

  1. I totally remember your relationship with MTV. I am not even sure if we had cable when MTV began. I think we, at the Carroll household, were still on the 13 channel rotation.

  2. Street kingdom is a really great crew, I’m so happy that we finally have a krump crew on ABDC! And did you watch their E.T. performance? That was just so good! I hope this crew goes really far, but I still want I.aM.mE to win, lol.

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