Time Wasting Experiments

I’ve been conducting a few myself.  Chez Lovesome is a veritable laboratory of time-wasting.  I’m wearing my white lab coat right now, as a matter of fact. Here’s what Dr. Murray has concluded thus far:  3 HOURS OF NURSERY SCHOOL + TIME WASTED= SHAME+REGRET. Or something like that.

Have you seen these over at Etsy? Printmaker Alyson Provax has been documenting the time she wastes since January 2009.

What she says about her prints (lifted from her Etsy page):

The ‘Time Wasting Experiments’ are an ongoing series of letterpress prints I’ve been producing which document time wasted. These are in part inspired by tracking ‘billable hours’ but also come from the compulsion to always be doing things and producing objects. This series is a sort of audit of how I spend my time, but the prints could also be thought of as permission slips allowing you to spend a period of time in a wasteful way (maybe recontextualizing private, shameful activities into something which one tries to get done in a set amount of time).

Some of mine from yesterday:

  • 28 minutes pinning eye candy at Pinterest.
  • 12 minutes watching Tracy Morgan be a crazy person on The View.
  • 43 minutes wondering if the meaning of life includes this blog. As in, what’s the point?
  • 20 minutes taking a coffee break (from?) in a patch of warm spring sun, complete with a handful dark chocolate covered almonds.
  • 18 minutes (okay, much more than that) feeling annoyed at Gwyneth Paltrow for her relentless efforts to take over the world and inspire me how to be “better”. Ugh.


To see Alyson’s shop at Etsy, click here.

4 thoughts on “Time Wasting Experiments

  1. Oh, fascinating … I find myself wondering, though, if there’s not some fertility in the “wasting” – isn’t the staring out the window, that which is being lost in this age of smart phones and always-available bites of information – productive in a way?

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