Inventive language

Just a few transcripts from yesterday.  Out of the mouth of babes, as they say. . . .

Guess who’s learning about metaphors in English?

Thomas:  (at 6:30 am, spooning juicy grapefruit sections into his mouth)  Eating grapefruit is a metaphor for going in a pool.

Me: How do you mean?

Thomas: I always think I’m not going to like it, that it will be too sour, but once I start eating it, I like it.  Like swimming.  The water’s so cold I don’t want to go in. But once, I’m in, it’s, like, really fun.

get your swimsuit and dive in (mixed metaphor)


Ben: Did you know the biggest muscle. . . . no wait, maybe it’s the strongest muscle. . . anyway, it’s the Bootius Maximus.

Me:  The what?

Ben: Bootius Maximus.

Me:  You mean Gluteus Maximus?

Ben: No, (saying it slowly now), BOOO-TEEE-US  MAX-I-MUS

Me:  It’s actually called the Gluteus Maximus, Ben.

Ben:  Really?  Are you sure?

Me:  Yes.  I’m sure.

Ben: But I thought, you know. . . Bootius Maximus, like sometimes people call it “booty”, you know?  How would Gluteus even make sense?

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