Crochet Vandals

Oh my word, I just love this:

And the video of the “vandalism”:

Crochet On A Bear Statue from Jennifer Sharpe on Vimeo.

These “criminals” made me so happy!  I like the part of the video where “Captain Hook” explains how she answers people who are incredulous that she spends her free time crocheting hoodies and whatnot for public statues.  Something along the lines of, “I figure other people spend hours on Facebook. . . so why not this?”  It made me think, again, of what do I want to be doing with my free time (alright, I don’t really have much of that these days, but still, everyone has some unspoken for time every week).  I keep coming back to this idea that small acts of creativity are a really really good use of time.

I found this story at NPR online.  To see full article, click here.

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