Julia Sweeney Sex Talk

We are just knee-deep in sex questions over here at Casa Lovesome. (Uh, that doesn’t sound right.  Makes it sound like our house is one of those stores by the side of the highway where one could find a jaw dropping array of unmentionables).  Anyway, at our house, it seems I am fumbling for just the right answer over breakfast or dinner.  Usually, my explanations are met with a child’s face twisted in revulsion and, Why would anyone even want  to DO that?  Though I’m getting the feeling that my oldest son is beginning to understand why.  He’s almost twelve and fancies himself very worldly.  He doesn’t seem to think it’s quite so gross anymore.  This is making me nervous.  This requires a different talk.  Maybe this one.  Not today, but some day.  And I know from my parenting experience so far, some day will be here before I know it.

Now that we have the mechanics out of the way, the talk gets a bit trickier.  A hefty helping of “When you’re much, much, older. . .” seems a key ingredient.  In the meantime, I am savoring my nine-year old’s non-worldliness, his more innocent, grossed-out response, like we’re talking about frog guts or worm soup, something equal parts compelling and revolting.  When you start having these conversations with your children, you remember that it really is fascinating, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Julia Sweeney Sex Talk

  1. just getting to watch this…..hysterical. In our house (where I like to think we have some love) we are now talking about why it is not OK to grind on the dance floor at Family events such as Bar Mitzvahs (that’s the 12 almost 13 year old) and then the 10 year old who looks at me point blank and says “Why don’t the boys have anything big like girls, they don’t have to manage anything like a period….and what if I am swimming and there’s a shark?” and the 6 year old just takes it all in……eyes as big as dinner plates……hmmmmmm

    XXXO Chrissy

  2. Hi . I was clicking around and found you, through Lindsey I think. This video is so funny. I can’t stop laughing.

    I, too, have these issues going on in our house – with my 8 and 10 year old. I attempted to describe the difference between sex and sexy in the car today. My son was talking about synonyms and it got to sex and sexy. He said, “I know what sex is – It’s the naked thing. But I don’t get sexy. My friend says it means cool.” I fumbled around through this.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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