“Momma Love” Book Mystery Solved

Don’t you just love how the internet makes it possible for us to reach out to pretty much anyone in the world, even if we don’t know them?  Yesterday I contacted Ali Smith through her website in an attempt to go straight to the source to solve the mystery of where to buy her book, Momma Love.  And don’t you know I heard back from her today, just like that.  It’s magic, really.  A source of great time-wasting sometimes, this internet (Facebook, I’m talking to you).  But also an amazing tool for connecting people.

Ali’s response:

 “I appreciate your post so much and am thrilled you responded to the work! It’s been getting really strong responses from so many. Makes me feel very good about the project. Like it’s really needed.  The book project is currently with my agent and I’m hoping it will find its proper home soon. I will definitely keep you informed about the progress and when there’s purchasing info, I’d be grateful if you could share it with your crowd”.

Being able to connect with someone whose creative work I really admire  via the invisible  but all-knowing web is really an amazing thing.  Today it’s making me feel like the world is wide open, all out there for us decide what we would like to select from the buffet.

Do you have any experiences to share about connecting with your tribe or like-minded individuals or sources of creative inspiration?  I’d love to hear about it in comments section.

If you’re interested in Ali’s work, check out her blog here.


5 thoughts on ““Momma Love” Book Mystery Solved

  1. hurrah! well i have an experience that wasn’t really internet based and one that didn’t turn out exactly the way i had hoped either (should i stop writing)?..i am just relating to your point on ‘putting yourself out there’.. anyway..a few years ago i saw this gorgeous apartment in architectural digest. It was an artist and his family’s place at the chelsea hotel. i was dying to see it in person and talk to the owner about his art (who am i kidding i really just wanted to see the place). so i wrote a charming (maybe not?) letter to them and left a bottle of good wine at the front desk (i happened to be getting my haircut at suite 303 in the chelsea hotel). well, I waited and waited for a reply.. alas…crickets…hey! at least i tried.

    • I love how you put yourself “out there”. That artist has no idea what kind of Jmacness he’s missing out on. And I do think the Internet makes it easier and less threatening to reach out. Though when one of my posts is met with those same kind of crickets, I sometimes have to talk myself off the ledge, convince myself I’m not a fool for putting myself “out there”. Or maybe I am. But being ok with that, I guess.

  2. I went to a fantastic, intensive week-long professional development institute last week for independent school educators from across the country. Made about 60 new best friends. Since returning home, about half of us have created/joined a fb group. We interact socially there, swap articles, and continue the spirit of the institute. Awesome.

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