August break: Bow and arrow


After viewing many YouTube videos for “How to make a bow and arrow”, and generous help from their dad with a handsaw, sandpaper, string, and a pencil sharpener for pointed bow tips, indeed, they managed to create bows and arrows that actually work. I keep reminding (in my most serious voice) what great care is required when using these, (and watching, nervously, from the porch, keeping their little brother and little dog out of their way).


They have been creeping around the yard hunting for “small game”, they tell me, like, say, a rabbit. “Will you skin it for us when we get one? And roast it? I hear they’re delicious”, Ben asks. I explain how I’m not really up for that. Don’t know how to skin (or roast) a rabbit. Not sure I want to know.

“I’m sure you could find a video showing you how on YouTube”, he assures me.

P.S. I won’t be doing that.

P.P.S. No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

One thought on “August break: Bow and arrow

  1. Those are some beautiful bows! Johnny set a trap in the woods yesterday involving a colander, some strategically placed sticks and a piece of bacon. No game yet, but he is optimistic. Or perhaps we will soon see our dog walking around and licking her lips with a colander on her head.

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