Welcome back.

Or for me, welcome back to having a life.  The summer was. . . taxing.  Love my boys I sure do, and we all needed that respite from our scheduled lives.  But let me say here, loud and clear, I now know, with one hundred percent certainty, that structure and schedules are my friend.  Do you hear me, structure and schedules?  I love you.  With all my heart.  Please wave this post in my face when I’m whining about it in March.

One thing that happened over the summer is that I turned the corner off the thirties, and now walk proudly on fortieth street.  Which is to say, I turned FORTY.  I didn’t much feel like writing about it at the time, was far too busy being angsty for about the six months preceding the big day.  Turns out the actual birthday was not such a big deal.  And it was, indeed, happy.  I got to have dinner with some of my most lovely friends, met my husband for cozy afternoon tea downtown right before.  I felt pretty much the same as I did the day before, maybe even a little more peaceful, slightly more grateful. I still have my moments of quiet desperation, that feeling like I’m running out of time and can not do one thing to slow it down.  I’d say I better get used to that feeling.  Welcome her in and offer her the most comfortable chair in the house.

A list of a few things I am enjoying at the moment:

  • New photos of yarn bombing (click here for more)
  • This post by my friend, Rachel.  It is short.  And it is perfect. (click here)
  • My Nike ID running shoes, designed for me by Thomas and Ben, in honor of my big birthday. They are quite something. Maybe even the best present ever.

  • My new Sharpie liquid pencils are rocking my world. Discovered them while shopping with the boys for school supplies.  It’s the little things, isn’t it?
  • This I believe essay on the power of writing by my young friend, Ellery.  Who I think may be, like, seventeen by now?  To me she’ll always be twelve and tiny.  I think I want to be her when I grow up.

2 thoughts on “Welcome back.

    • You know when your kids make you a macaroni necklace and you have to wear it show them how much you love it? That’s these sneakers, times ten.

      turquoise + magenta = always perfect

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