Blogshop here I come.

I am busy making arrangements for my personable and entrepreneurial young neighbor, Graham, (who had just come to my door earlier this week with copies of his hand-scrawled flyers advertising his new pet care venture), to care for my dog, Sweetiepie, for the weekend while I off here:

That’s right, I will be attending a two-day Photoshop boot camp workshop led by the lovely creative duo, Bri + Angela.  While I can’t exactly remember what led me to believe back in June that I actually need to, or want to learn Photoshop, here I am, registered, tuition paid in full, Photoshop trial downloaded on my laptop.  I’m just telling myself something about old dogs and new tricks being a good thing, (me being the old dog, in case you’re not following), and trying to not over think this.  One just never knows where life will take you, and if you’ll be glad you’ve got Photoshop in your back pocket when you get there.

I have dabbled with Photoshop, trying to learn it myself, with some minor victories (see previous post here).  I do love how this came out.  And it only took me about 15 hours to figure out how to get this text over this photo I love of James and his shopping cart.

Most of my self-guided efforts have ended more like this (see previous post where I simply surrendered here):

That exercise also took about 15 hours.  And raised my blood pressure a few points.  Hopefully by Monday I will finally be able to solve the great big question of why this text kept coming out blurry.

I’ll report back next week on my voyage into technology and beyond.  I may even show off some of my new deftly Photoshopped images. Unless I’m a terrible student.  But I’m hoping Bri + Angela won’t let that happen.


Blogshop offers classes in cities around the country (and now a few international cities, Paris + Berlin coming up).  Check the website for upcoming locations.

Alix, my friend who knows things, recommends the online courses for Photoshop and Illustrator offered by Nicole’s classes.  I personally need the instructor-standing-next-to-me experience that Blogshop offers, but she swears by these online courses.

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