Joanna Newsom

So let’s just act like it hasn’t been since forever October and get on with it, shall we?

Cool people, I’m sure, already know about Joanna Newsom.  I’m happy to have stumbled upon her recently on one of my iTunes benders.  Better late to the party than to miss entirely, yes?  As long as they haven’t brought out cake yet?

This is a song that if my husband heard it, he’d say, Really?  You like that?  Really? 

Yes, honey. I do.  I really really do.  It tickles my ears.

Her voice is part old lady, part magical wood sprite.  Her music is in the Appalachia harp indie show tune genre.  You know the one?

“Good Intentions Paving Company” is the song I love that I keep listening to.   Long title, long song.   A seven-minute aural one-woman show. (click here to have a listen)

4 thoughts on “Joanna Newsom

  1. Did you happen to see her on Austin City Limits? Check it out…you can get it online. She plays with Fleet Foxes. They’re really good, too!

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