Valentine’s Highlight Reel

Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal around here.

My V-day message to my family. I am sure enjoying my new Chalkboard-painted wall.

Who actually owns a belt like that you ask? That would be me, lover of all things Valentine.

A portion of my vintage Valentine collection (the ones I actually framed, not the ones sitting in a cigar box in my closet). All thanks to hours on ebay.

What's Love Day without a violin serenade? This serious-looking musician kind of cornered me, played a lovely Minuet all up in my space. Just the way I like it.

Some tokens of affection.

Mmmm mmmmm. Red velvet.

Hope it was a sweet day for you.  It was here.  Felt full to the brim with all the love around me.  Awfully good to take a day to notice.

For you Pinners, I’ve got a board with more hearts and stuff if you’re still feeling in the mood.


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Highlight Reel

  1. Love seeing these things (especially the belt)….and I love that this is your favorite holiday!

    love from Cambridge, Chrissy

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