Nursery School Graduate

Friends, I am officially a Nursery School graduate.  Well my son is, really.  (He specialized in blocks and  the alphabet.  We’re very proud).  Onto kindergarten in the fall.  Which means that my nursery school days are done.  I am, in effect, a Nursery School graduate.  How would I even begin to explain the simultaneous well of grief and the sweet relief of having made it through?

I never think I’m going to get sentimental because generally, I’m pretty practical.  Wouldn’t you know it, at the end-of-the-year “Sing-along”, I lost it good.  My throat had begun its tightening well before I saw him filing in with his class, teachers arranging them on stage.  Once the singing started, I couldn’t see him through the swarm of children.

Have you heard thirty-something very small children sing?  *sigh*

Skinamarinky Dinky Dink was a highlight, but that song about Love being the only thing that when you give it away, you have more?  Arrow through the heart.

I told him after, that I could hear him singing, because Moms have special ears that can hear their children, even in a crowd.  He nodded his head, as if saying, Yes. That sounds feasible.  Of course you could hear my beautiful singing.  In his dreamy world, where not everything has a name yet, anything is possible.

My husband was trying to chat with me about something or other while we were waiting for them to come in.  Because we’re old pros at this.  We’re not the parents that got there early to get a seat up front with our camcorder.  We’re all chill on our third turn on the carousel.  I thought.

I turned to him, tears on my face, and said, I’m not available to talk about that right now.  I’m kind of having a moment.  And I don’t want to miss it.

10 thoughts on “Nursery School Graduate

  1. Wow….I cannot get past the lump in my throat to comment….so poignant and perfect and present.XXXC

  2. Awwahhh…. We’ll its not over SIL… In about 4 yrs you’ll be at another one (your neice’s)..
    Love this!! Thank you for all the lessons to come…

    btw.. gorgeous pic

  3. Awwww! What a great picture! My daughter just “Graduated” pre-k too. I say “graduated” because my husband spent her entire graduation ceremony (caps and gowns and all) rolling his eyes. I guess it’s because we’ve been through it once and have two more to go. He of course thinks the world makes every little “accomplishment” too big a thing. 😉

  4. Erin, I promise you that with the love,closeness and complete dedication that you have for your children, James will always believe you heard his voice in the crowd.

  5. Erin – my baby graduated from nursery school a dozen years ago and I can still remember the day, what she wore, the hugs she gave her best bud. She will begin 11th grade in the fall. Reading this gave me my own “moment” thinking of you, and me, and our children who are all growing up.

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