August Break 2012!

Something happens to me in the throes of summer: I have nothing to say.

That is, I’m on the move with my children almost constantly, connecting with friends and family, eating as many ripe summer tomatoes as I can, trying new things, seeing new places.  Summer is a rich time where for just a few brief months, I get out of my head a bit and live juicy.  Gathering experiences, feelings, thoughts like an armful of crayon colored zinnias, I know that up ahead are the days of routine and fewer hours of sunlight to get reflective about it all.

Everyday something happens and I think, I have got to write about this.  And then this thought:  Later.  Let it sit.  Marinate.  Germinate.  Be here now.  Besides, who has free hands for typing with all that goopy sunblock I seem to be applying perpetually to little bronzed shoulder blades, freckled noses?

All a big excuse for not writing?  Maybe.

I’m going with it.

Last year I participated in Susannah Conway’s August Break.  The idea is that for the month of August, you post a photo a day (give or take, there are no rules) and give the words a vacation.  Looking back over the photos from last year’s August Break, I’m so glad I did. (Some favorites here, here, and here.  This one too!)  In Susannah’s words, “The idea is to simply sink into the joys of the month”.

Want to join me on August Break?  Visit here.

8 thoughts on “August Break 2012!

  1. It sounds like you are having a great summer. There will be plenty of time for writing during those chaotic autumn days when you will surely need to climb upstairs into your hideaway and clear your head. Enjoy!

  2. thanks for the reminder that there is still a lovely month of summer to come…..the crickets are chirping, which always makes me happy. XXX Chrissy

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