August Break: Magically Delicious


Last night I came home from the supermarket with a box of Lucky Charms. My boys have endured my rants about the evils of sugary cereal, the wrongness of marketing this to children as a healthy breakfast. They’ve stoically accepted that Cookie Crunch will never be a part of “a healthy, well-balanced breakfast” under my roof.

I surprised them with a box for dessert last night after dinner. It was inspired by my brother who was staying with us. Growing up, our mother also didn’t allow sugary cereals. Twice a year, she’d buy Honeycomb (a real lightweight junky cereal compared to its shelf-mates Captain Crunch and Count Chocula), and Griff and I went wild, emptying the box in one sitting.

When we could drive, we struck a deal with her. If we did the family grocery shopping, we could buy whatever cereal we wanted. Thus began the Lucky Charms years.

Just as I remembered, the milk turns Easter egg colors, pastel blue shifting into seafoam green. The leftover milk, having been steeped with color and sweetness, is its very own confection, a secondary, unexpected bonus treat when the cereal is gone.

Thomas (nearly thirteen), bowl of sugary pieces bobbing in milk in front of him, said, “I can’t believe that this is actually happening”.

As they shoveled the chalky bits into their mouths, James kept saying, to no one in particular, “I never even thought they would be this good”.

10 thoughts on “August Break: Magically Delicious

  1. ha ha ha – I also grew up in a sugar-free cereal household. We typically had Cheerios… although, my brother and I would heap sugar on top when no one was looking, so I’m sure it was actually worse than Fruit Loops or any of the other cereals.

    When I first lived by myself, I went through a sugary cereal phase for a few years. It was awesome. 😉

  2. The way you describe it (and the way I remember it), the colors that bleed into the milk are the same as the colors in your August break badge. So new tradition for August, sugary cereal?

    • Yes! Same colors indeed! Next August: Cookie Crisp. The commercial incites hysteria and potential for mutiny! I’ll remind them: “In August, my dears, in August. . .”

  3. I think serving it as a desert is ingenious. That’s telling your kids wear it belongs. My kids never saw that cereal until we moved to the states.

  4. I love this Erin…particularly classic is the line, “I can’t believe this is happening!” Thanks too, for reminding me to let down the guard every now and then with my kids and bring out a little leprechaun magic for them 🙂

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