7 thoughts on “Five

    • Though I had visions of taking up photography, with a REAL camera and everything, in reality I use my iPhone, edit with ShakeItPhoto and Instagram. I’m sure they’re fancier ones, but I’ve been using these two for awhile and am happy with them. The photo, above, is edited with ShakeIt.

      By the way, YOU helped me be ok with the idea of giving up the idea of
      photography as a hobby (because in reality I’d never even taking the camera
      my husband gave me out of the box) with your post on the subject! For now, doing the “August Break” once a year is satisfying enough.

  1. Wrote a post recently about taking pictures of my kids at the wrong times. In it i mentioned that I never had a camera in our bedroom. This photo says to me that this is a mistake that you will never make and will be so happy that you have that wonderful moment to glance at again and again. Perfect picture.

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