about me

E R I N    M A R R A

Mother of boys, writer, creator of people and things (not to mention many, many meals).  Oh, I’m a Clinical Social Worker, too.

As a child, I secretly believed that I was a writer (when I wasn’t dreaming of being an archeologist or joining the television cast of Fame).  Then, as a young mother, I decided I was a writer who wasn’t writing.  Which I realized was impossible.  So look at me here, writing.

I post once a week.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  Depends on what’s going on around here.  Months have lapsed without any posts.  But I always come back.

Have you ever been at the supermarket with your toddler who is nuzzled into you, wiping snot on your shoulder, and you’re managing a meltdown while trying to unload your cart?  There’s always that older woman, she’s been where you’ve been, and she says, “Enjoy it.  Take it all in.  They grow so fast.”

This has happened to you?  More than once?  It’s not just me, right?

That’s what I’m doing here, taking her advice– just trying to grab up as much of it as I possibly can.

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